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Do you have a video, audio, wireless, or other product idea? Do you need to determine the feasibility of your ideas or explore the boundaries of what’s possible? Are you already into the implementation phase and need an experienced developer for specialized embedded processor or hardware development? Digital Signal Labs can help.

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Digital Signal Labs’ charter is the specification, design, and implementation of signal processing and communication systems. This runs the gamut from up-front, “blue-sky” explorations to requirements analysis and specification to implementation, testing, and integration.

Far from a “rack-em, stack-em” shop, Digital Signal Labs has extensive experience crafting custom applications that can provide the product differentiation necessary to garner a bigger piece of the market in your product area.

Case-in-point: In 2003 we innovated the use of existing digital signal processing resources to provide MIDI and D/A conversion, thus eliminating an expensive MIDI chip from the BOM on a low-end Sony Ericsson handset. This resulted in a savings of over $3 per handset! At last count, Sony Ericsson had sold over 17M of those handsets!


We perform system engineering, hardware, and software development. We develop at both the application level and physical layer, including processors like the Texas Instruments fixed-point TMS320C55x and TMS320C64x digital signal processors, operating systems such as TI’s hard-real-time DSP/BIOS, Analog Devices SHARC and TigerSHARC digital signal processors, Xilinx FPGA, programmable gate arrays, SSE3 x86, and other hardware and software platforms and technology.

We also have experience in real-time, embedded processor framework development and maintenance, including host processor interfaces, the TI DSP/BIOS operating system, TI’s Code Composer Studio IDE, and low-level device driver development (e.g., video port and codec device driver development on the TI TMS320DM642 DSP).

Our specific strength is in the conversion of algorithms to fixed-point arithmetic and the implementation of those algorithms in highly optimized hardware and software, realizing either improved performance, lower power, lower cost, or a combination of each. As part of the process, we are accustomed to developing and prototyping the algorithms in Matlab and fixed-point C and C++.

Past Projects

Some examples of past projects include image processing of iPod camera photos for UPC segmentation and decoding, decoding of broadcast TV audio for uplink to the DirectTV satellite network, single-bit delta sigma D/A conversion, robust frequency offset estimation for FSK demodulation, and GSM frequency offset estimation.

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